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Conservation and Acquisitions

Conservation and Acquisitions

Fragile artworks conserved with help from the Friends. The Friends support the Ferens by helping to fund the conservation of Ferens artworks.

The Friends have been able to maintain their conservation and purchase support throughout the year and here is a small visual reminder of the extremely valuable work that has been funded.

We were incredibly grateful to receive a very substantial bequest from the estate of Colin Beck which has considerably helped our decision making. Conservation work has been completed on Joseph Paton’s, The Man with the Muck Rake and Bernard Meninsky’s The Red Hat, Jonathan Green’s Untitled, Mrs W Overend’s The Glen Family of Hull are all with the conservator now.

We have also approved some damage repair for Alan Davie’s Dreaming of the Staff and on-site cleaning for Ron Mueck’s Poke. We have purchased the Andrew Johnston, Press Gang Study with funds from the Colin Beck bequest. There are several exciting further requests to be considered and approved in the near future.

1960 - 1980

Conservation and Acquisitions


Acquisition: Vertumnus and Pomona, Paulus Bor (attrib. to), 1601-1669. Friends present painting to the Ferens.


Acquisition: 26 March funds agreed to contribute to purchase of “The Wreck of the Transport Thomas”, 1821, by John Ward max £300 at Christies auction.


Acquisitions (with grants from DeptEdScience): Leaning Woman, R Colquhoun. Electrosculpture, Ken Gray. This would be source of income for Friends. Portrait of a Lady, T C Gotch

Bor, Paulus; Vertumnus and Pomona; Ferens Art Gallery;
Colquhoun, Robert; Leaning Woman; Ferens Art Gallery;
The Wreck of the Ship 'Thomas' off the Stony Binks, 8 June 1821

1981 - 1990

Conservation and Acquisitions


Acquisitions: Martagon Lilies, S J Peploe, contribution from Friends (in memory of Lesley Dunn), Girl in Gray, Louis de Brocquy (50% contrib. from Friends)


Acquisition: A Game of Patience, Meredith Frampton. £9,000 + 50% grant from V&A.


Acquisition: The Exhibition, Kenneth Fowler


Acquisitions: Two Rabbis, Joseph Kramer - Relief 1984, Martyn Chalk


Acquisitions: No. 642 Manor Street, Alan Bray £150 (from Winter Exhibition) These Shall Our Hearts Remember, David Ewart 1928. Still Life, Pieta Jansson Elinga. Friends’ contrib. to purchase. Portrait of Maureen Lipman, 1987, Humphrey Ocean. Commissioned by Friends (plus grant from V&A)


Acquisitions: Self-portrait, Michael Leonard (50% + gov grant) Ritual, Hill Series No. 6, Malcolm Whittaker

Ocean, Humphrey; Maureen Lipman (b.1946); Ferens Art Gallery;
Peploe, Samuel John; Martagon Lilies; Ferens Art Gallery;
Leonard, Michael; Self Portrait; Ferens Art Gallery;

1991 - 2010

Conservation and Acquisitions


Acquisitions include: Study of a Ballet Girl, Joseph Kramer. Elvis Lookalike, Jock MacFaddyen Purchased by Friends with grants from V&A


Acquisition: From Room to Room, tempera, 1992, David Tindle. £3,000+50% V&A grant.


Acquisitions: Le Pavilion Bleu, 1928, Charles Maresco Pearce, with V&A grant. In a Bar, Fred Elwell, with V&A grant


Acquisitions: Maquette for Birdman, bronze, Elizabeth Frink. £10,000+VAT. The Seated Woman, Gwen John, contribution from Friends. William Wright Dock, David J Curtis (from 1993 Winter Exhibition)


Acquisition: Oleander, Henry Ryland, with V+A grant. Christmas card produced.


Acquisition: Mr Great Heart, Graham Howson. Contribution from FoFAG.


Acquisition: Faith, George Leslie Dunlop. Contribution from FoFAG.


John Bernasconi sponsored the conservation of Holy Family with Two Female Saints (mid-17 century)

Kramer, Jacob; Study of a Ballet Girl Preparing for a Rehearsal; Ferens Art Gallery;
Tindle, David; From Room to Room, Self Portrait; Ferens Art Gallery;
Howson, Peter; Mr Great Heart; Ferens Art Gallery;

2011 - 2019

Conservation and Acquisitions


Acquisition: Georgie, Arthur Gaskin. Bequest from Dr Gordon Drummond (Friend) Conserved: Adopt-a-Painting Portrait of Lady Jenny, George Percy Jacomb-Hood. Conserved by Martin and Deborah Parry (Friends).


Dr Anthony Dale sponsored the conservation of Mountainous Landscape (Dutch School, 17 century)


Acquisition: Interior of the Ferens Art Gallery, Watercolour, A T Nash. Presented to Ferens by Mr Brian Hill on his retirement as Chair of the Friends.


Special Funding: FoFAG Trustees agreed £20,000 to support Ferens for projects such as restoration work and funding applications for 2017, and to provide a contingency fund for the Gallery during the renovation period. Conserved/restored: “Sophronia asking the Saracen King Aladine to release the Christian prisoners”, Francesco Guardi.


Conserved under Adopt-a-Painting Scheme Portrait of Miss Ivy Lilian Close, Arthur Hacker. Funded by Gareth Neame. Portrait of a Musician, William Dobson. Funded by Waldemar Januszczak


Acquisition: Sea of Hull on Scale Lane, photograph, Spencer Tunick. FoFAG contribution Conserved by Friends: The Man with the Muck Rake, Joseph Paton. Repair of area of damage.

The Friends of Ferens Art Gallery is a Registered Charity No 225045.

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